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Can I change the mileage package during the subscription term?

Increase of the current mileage package

You can increase your mileage package free of charge within the first three months after delivery. For subscriptions booked after 15.03.2024, a one-off processing fee of 99 euros will be charged for changes from the fourth month onwards (see fee catalog). Please note that changes are only possible up to 3 months before the end of the contract. 

How can I increase my mileage package?
Simply select your subscription in your account and click on "Increase mileage package". You will now see all the available options and the corresponding costs. Select the desired increase option, click on "Continue" and confirm your selection. You're done!

📌 Please note: If you have purchased your vehicle as a JobAuto through your employer, it is unfortunately not possible to increase the mileage package.

🚫 Downgrading of the mileage package

It is not possible to downgrade the booked package to a lower number of inclusive kilometers per month.


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