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What damages are not covered by FINN insurance?

Not covered by comprehensive insurance are:

Flat tires: All vehicles are equipped with Tirefit or a spare tire. Flat tires do not fall under regular vehicle wear and tear and are considered a so-called everyday hazard. Therefore, costs incurred in connection with a flat tire are not covered by comprehensive insurance. We will be happy to assist you in coordinating a workshop appointment and, if necessary, organize towing for you. In this case, please contact our damage and maintenance hotline at +49 89 143770064. The hotline is available around the clock.

Loss of keys: In the event of key loss, we will charge you a lump sum for expenses plus the (manufacturer-dependent) costs for purchasing and programming the key.

Loss of vehicle registration document (registration certificate part 1): In the event of loss of the vehicle registration document, we will charge you a flat-rate expense fee.

📌 Note: For all subscriptions taken out from 22.11.2023 inclusive, any possible costs are summarized in this overview.


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