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What should I do if my payment fails?

Payment by credit card:
As soon as the charge from your credit card fails, you will receive a notification from us about this by email. Please clarify with your credit institution why the debit was not possible. In many cases it is due to a security limit, which may need to be increased. The debit will be automatically 1-2 days after the failed debit again.

Payment by direct debit:
If there is a returned direct debit, we ask you to wait until you receive an automatically generated payment reminder from us via email. In the message you will find a QR code and a link through which you can conveniently make your payment as well as an IBAN for the bank transfer. In the case of a return debit note, it is technically not possible for us to make a new debit to the same invoice, so we ask you to actively transfer the amount or pay via the payment link.

Please do not transfer the money without this necessary information back to the bank details shown on your bank statement or in online banking. It is not possible to transfer money to this IBAN, so the payment will be automatically returned to you.

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