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Which charging cable do I need?

In order to charge your FINN e-car, you will need a suitable charging cable depending on the energy source.

For charging at a wallbox, you need the Mode 3 - Type 2charging cable. Mode 3 describes the cable itself and Type 2 the cable's plug. The Type 2 plug is standardized and can be used throughout Europe. With the Mode 3 cable, the vehicle can be charged via the wallbox at home or via public stations with up to 22 kW*.

At home:
To charge your e-car at a standard Schuko socket, you need the Mode 2 charging cable. This can be used to plug the vehicle into an AC outlet at home. If the Schuko socket is specially fused and has been checked by the electrician on site, it can be charged with up to 2.3 kW*. Please note that if the socket is not specially fused and the cable to this socket is undersized, charging must be carried out at a lower charging power. Information about the possible charging power can be answered by your local electrician.

Fast charging station:
If your FINN E-car has a fast charging function, the vehicle can be charged at a fast charging station with up to 300 kW*. In this case, the charging cable is already mounted on the charging station.

*Power output and uptake may be influenced by characteristics of the vehicle or energy source and may vary significantly. Please observe the technical data of the vehicle and the conditions and properties of the energy source.

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