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What do I do when my FINN car is due for the HU/AU (also called TÜV)?

In order to ensure road safety, the legislator requires that every vehicle is regularly presented to the HU/AU (main inspection/exhaust emission test). Depending on the type of registration, this may be due after 1, 2 or 3 years. For most FINN vehicles, the first HU/AU must be carried out after one year.

For electric vehicles, only the exhaust emission test (AU) is not required. The main inspection (HU) must be carried out as normal.

Please note: Our vehicles must be inspected according to the interval to ensure sufficient safety and to avoid fines.

What does this mean for me?

  • Due date check > In your vehicle registration document or on the inspection sticker on the rear license plate, you can read when the next HU/AU is due for your vehicle. Please report this in good time via our contact form so that we can initiate the appointment coordination. If a service is due at the same time, the HU/AU and service can of course be carried out together at a workshop. Please also inform us of this via the contact form.
  • Appointment coordination according to your availability > After receiving feedback from us, we ask you to arrange an appointment at a DEKRA test location of your choice. Here you can easily find your nearest test location with the respective contact details.
  • On-site procedure > The on-site appointment usually takes a maximum of 60 minutes. DEKRA then settles the bill directly with FINN, so there are no costs for you.
  • Documents required > Please bring your original vehicle registration document (registration certificate part 1) to the appointment.


📌 Please note:

  • If any complaints were documented during the inspection, please report them to FINN afterwards together with the inspection report. Any papers you receive can remain in the vehicle until it is returned.
  • We do not offer replacement mobility during the HU and would like to point out that any costs incurred for the outward and return journey to the DEKRA branch will not be reimbursed.
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