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What do I do if I receive a traffic/speeding ticket?

As a rule, all traffic tickets are first sent to FINN GmbH by the authorities or responsible external companies. Thus, you will not receive the traffic ticket in the first instance from the police or similar, but we will forward the documents to you by e-mail upon receipt. We are legally obligated to comply with the request for information of contact data in cases of fines. 

In the e-mail, we will explain to you exactly how to proceed in your personal case. Since there may be differences in the payment of fines, we ask you to read the e-mail carefully. If you notice any discrepancies in the data, please reply directly to the e-mail or use our contact form.

Usually, fines and other claims are not settled by FINN GmbH, but must be settled by the subscriber independently as soon as possible. Appeals can only be made in writing directly to the responsible authority or the external company.

In any case, a processing fee of € 15 incl. VAT* is due. (see GTC's; as of 22.11.2023)

*For all contracts concluded before 22.11.2023, a processing fee of € 5.83 incl. VAT applies.


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