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What identity documents can I use for verification?

­č¬¬  You can use the following documents or document combinations to verify your FINN Auto subscription.

German identity card

German residence permit or residence title

You can verify your residence permit with us in exactly the same way as an identity card. Please note that the residence permit must be valid for the entire subscription period. 

EU passport & registration certificate, issued latest 12 months ago

EU identity card & registration certificate, issued latest 12 months ago

Please note that the date of issue of the registration certificate must not be more than 12 months in the past. If you do not have a (current) registration certificate, you can easily apply for one at your local citizens' registration office.
Please send us your certificate of registration by e-mail to

Please note: We also accept passports and identity cards issued in Liechtenstein, Iceland or Norway (EEA countries). We can however, not accept driving licenses from Switzerland and the United Kingdom.



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