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What are the advantages of an e-car subscription with FINN?

Innovative, environmentally friendly driving pleasure combined with state-of-the-art technology: With an electric car subscription from FINN, this is possible with flexibility and individual mileage packages.

As with all our vehicles, the rental period of our e-cars ranges from one to twelve months. This way, you can test a more sustainable mobility option in your everyday life without any obligation and adapted to your needs. With FINN, you simply pay a fixed monthly price and the electricity at the e-charging station. Depending on your creditworthiness, a deposit of up to three months' rent may be required in individual cases. 

When is the FINN e-car subscription particularly beneficial?

  • The ranges of e-cars are usually between about 80 and 350 kilometers, depending on the model - sometimes even more. Therefore, an e-car subscription is especially worthwhile if the length of your usual driving routes is manageable. 
  • Sporty drivers are also guaranteed to have fun driving. E-cars immediately use their maximum torque when accelerating from a standstill. This makes many of them absolute high-performance athletes compared to some conventional combustion engines. With an e-car subscription, you can enjoy a sporty, dynamic performance on the road and drive climate friendly at the same time.
  • You also know that e-car parking space in front of the office, the only one that's always free? Save time, nerves and emissions with an e-car subscription from FINN. Another advantage: according to the German Federal Network Agency, the greatest density of e-fueling stations can be found in large cities. Perfect for charging your car whenever you need it. 

Whether you're environmentally conscious, sporty or driving in the city - an electric car subscription is a winning choice!

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