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How does an e-car subscription with FINN differ from leasing or long-term rental?

With FINN's car subscription, you can drive an e-car comfortably and transparently all around. Are you still unsure whether an e-car will work in your everyday life? Then a FINN Auto Abo is the perfect way to find out.

Long-term rental 

Unlike leasing, you can choose short contract terms and simply drive your dream electric car for an extended period. Do you know your required mileage and need the same car for a longer period of time? Then an e-car is a good option as a long-term rental, especially if you don't need to travel long distances over 300 km frequently.


Do you want to drive the same car for several years and do so in a climate-neutral way? E-car leasing is a suitable solution. One advantage is the ten-year tax exemption for e-cars. However, you usually have to factor in additional costs for insurance, maintenance, and depreciation. This could pose a considerable residual value risk, especially with electric cars.

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