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What damages will be charged at the end of my subscription?

To make the return process as uncomplicated and fair as possible, we have set out clear rules and uniform standards for assessing the condition of the vehicle at the end of the term in our Leitfaden zur Zustandsbewertung.

As part of the condition assessment, neutral experts decide on accepted and unaccepted damage, which is explained in the guide using example images. 

  • Normal signs of wear and tear due to age and use are considered accepted damage and do not influence the valuation. 
  • However, above-average defects result in a loss of value and must therefore be considered as unaccepted damage in the final settlement. 

📌 Please note: We recommend that you always report accident damage immediately in order to reduce the costs to the contractually agreed deductible. Please note that the deductible applies per claim. In case of unreported comprehensive damage, we are forced to charge you the full amount of the damage.

Do you have a question about your final invoice?
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