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Which FINN Hybrid is right for me?

Plug-in hybrid (PHEV)

Most PHEVs can cover distances of around 50 kilometers in pure electric mode. To achieve maximum acceleration and system performance, the electric motor and combustion engine work hand in hand in a plug-in hybrid. This not only reduces fuel consumption, but also the battery charge level. If the battery is empty, only the combustion engine continues to work until the battery is recharged or enough power is recuperated during braking.

Because a plug-in hybrid is considered an electric vehicle, it is also registered with an E license plate, just like a FINN electric car. So you also benefit from free parking in some German cities.

A Plug-in-Hybrid from FINN hence is a good choice if you: 

  • have a charging option at home or in your vicinity.
  • can benefit from an E license plate.
  • want to cover a shorter distance purely electrically.
  • want to reduce fuel consumption.

Mild hybrid (MHEV)

In a mild hybrid, the electric motor supports the combustion engine during acceleration. When braking, on the other hand, the electric motor converts into a generator and feeds the battery with the recovered electricity. In this way, the fuel consumption of the gasoline or diesel unit can be reduced and the energy efficiency of the vehicle increased. An additional benefit of the MHEV: more driving pleasure, as the engine starts without delay, and acceleration is as smooth as with an e-car from FINN.

So a mild-hybrid from FINN is a good choice if you: 

  • do not have a charging possibility at home.
  • want to reduce fuel consumption.
  • want to benefit from the driving experience.
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