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What should I do if my vehicle has a technical defect?

If you notice a fault or malfunction in your FINN vehicle, please inform us immediately via the FINN customer portal. To do this, click on "Services" under "My car" and select the first option "Report technical defect/damage".

Simply follow the next four steps and finally confirm your order by clicking the "Submit" button. In this article we explain the process step by step.

📌 Note: Please note that all damage and defects must be reported for professional assessment. After the inspection, we will inform you whether a repair is necessary.

Schädendefekte (1).png

For the downtime, FINN will cover the cost of a rental vehicle of up to 40 euros net per day. You can reserve this directly at the workshop. After completion of the repair, you can pick up your vehicle again at the workshop. The settlement takes place between the repair store and FINN and is free of charge for you.


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