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What costs are included in the FINN Auto subscription and what additional costs may arise?

The following costs are included in each of our contracts and therefore do not have to be paid separately: 

  • Third party and comprehensive insurance
  • Car tax
  • Car Registration
  • GEZ
  • Maintenance and inspection
  • Wear and tear
  • Main and exhaust inspection (HU & AU)
  • Tires & tire change with explicit summer and winter tires
  • Protection against loss of value, because we bear ! 😊

The following costs may arise in addition to the monthly rate: 

  • Deposit in the amount of maximum 3 months rent, depending on your creditworthiness
  • Contractually agreed deductible per claim, fully and partially comprehensive cover
  • Delivery fee for first bookings (will be refunded for continous follow-up bookings)
  • Pick-up fee after the end of the contract, if no follow-up subscription has been booked
  • Possible costs incurred in the final account

📌 Note: For all subscriptions taken out from 22.11.2023 inclusive, any possible costs are summarized in this overview.

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