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Can I reserve my desired car at FINN?

A reservation of our vehicles is not possible. As a general rule, we only make the vehicles available on the website once we have been given a time window for delivery by our contractual partners. The time span is in most cases quite short and thus ranges from a few days to a few weeks. This way we make sure that you receive your FINN car as soon as possible after your order and we always offer only new and like-new vehicles. 

I don't need a vehicle for a few months - how do I make sure that a suitable FINN car is available for me?

  • As we regularly update our offer, it is usually sufficient to check our website about 1 - 2 months before the desired delivery date.
  • In some cases, car manufacturers announce us early that certain models will be available in the future. In such cases, you will have the opportunity to register for the desired vehicle model on the website.
  • As soon as the vehicle is activated for ordering on the website, you will then receive a notification from us by e-mail, because as we all know, the early bird catches the worm! 

Please note that signing up for the notification is not the same as making a reservation. All notified people will have the opportunity to place an order on the website after receiving the email and those who are fastest in doing so will receive the vehicles.

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