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How does the verification process work when I return my FINN car?

­čŤí´ŞĆ Return verification in 3 simple steps:

  1. Have the verification link ready: Make sure you have the verification link handy on the day of the return. You will receive it by e-mail and/or text message.
  2. Request FINN code: As soon as the driver has arrived, ask for the FINN verification code.
  3. Enter the code: Enter this code using the link provided, which you will find in the email as well as the SMS.

­čĺí Why is verification important?
Verification gives you and us certainty that the return process is correct and secure. By entering the FINN code, you confirm that the right person has turned up to collect the item.

­čô▒ What do I need for verification?
All you need is your smartphone with internet access to access the verification link and enter the driver's FINN code.

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