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Which contract adjustments (employee <> employer) are possible with my FINN Auto subscription?

You have taken out your FINN Auto subscription as a private individual (private order): 

Possible changes

  • If you would like to have the monthly invoice for your FINN Auto Abo as a private customer sent to your employer's address, this is not a problem. 
    For this, we only need a written confirmation that you continue to be privately liable for your FINN contract as an employee*. 

🚫 Changes that are not possible

  • If the conclusion of your FINN Auto Abo was carried out as a private order, a subsequent transfer of the contract to the employer is not possible.

Your FINN Auto Abo/s are in the name of your company:

Possible changes

  • If there is a change of name, business address or business form, we will be happy to adjust this in your contract with FINN. For this, we require the commercial register entry or the change certificate as confirmation. 

🚫 Changes not possible

  • A transfer to another company is not possible.

For possible changes, please contact our support team via our contact form

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