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How does my monthly subscription rate change if I increase my mileage package?

The costs of the mileage packages are individual per car. You will find the price change for your FINN car via the link to the product page in your contract confirmation email (subject: "Your FINN car: Contract confirmation").

Please note that an increase always has a retroactive effect on the entire subscription period (see sample calculation). The additional costs of the increase for months already completed will be invoiced to you together with the next monthly installment. 

📌 🗓️ Within the first 3 months after delivery, the increase of your package is free of charge. For subscriptions booked from From the 4th month onwards, we charge a one-off fee of 99 euros for the increase (see fee catalog). 

Screenshot 2023-08-18 at 17.20.53.png

Example calculation:

  • Contract term: 12 months, monthly rate: 400 €, mileage package: 1,500 km.
    → Subscription costs: 400 € * 12 months = 4.800 €
  • Increase of mileage package after 7 months to 2,000 km: monthly rate from the 8th month: 450 €.
    → Subscription costs: 450 € * 12 months  + one time payment of 99 €= 5,499 €.
    → This includes the extra monthly payment of €50 for the 7 months already passed, which is settled in a one-off payment. 

Please note that the subscription costs in the example calculation may be altered by any costs incurred for damage or wear and tear. 

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