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Is the mileage calculated on a monthly basis?

Our car subscriptions offer you the flexibility to book a vehicle with a mileage package according to your wishes. This mileage is then available to you every month for the entire term of the subscription. However, you can use the kilometers as you wish, regardless of how they are distributed over the months. At the end of the term, we check the total mileage to determine whether you have stayed within your booked package or driven additional kilometers.

How is the mileage monitored?

We will check the mileage when the vehicle is handed over to you and when it is returned at the end of the subscription. During the term of the subscription, you can use the kilometers as you see fit. Unused kilometers expire at the end of the subscription period.


What happens if I drive more or fewer kilometers than my package covers?

If you have driven more kilometers at the end of the term than are included in your package, you will have to pay a flat-rate kilometer fee for the additional kilometers. You will be invoiced for this additional charge when you return the vehicle. You can find the respective additional kilometer price for your vehicle in your contract confirmation and via the "Increase kilometer package" button in your account.



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