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What cost advantages does a FINN Auto subscription offer me compared to leasing?

We regularly check the costs of the FINN Auto subscription and compare them with the prices of leasing providers. Since many services are included free of charge in the FINN subscription, we have to offset some points against each other to get a fair comparison. We will now go into these in more detail here:   

1 | With leasing, in most cases there are considerable one-off costs at the conclusion of the contract and when the vehicle is handed over, in addition to the monthly usage costs. For example, costs are charged to transfer the vehicle from the manufacturer to the dealer. These costs do not apply with FINN. To make a comparison possible, let's convert these one-time costs to the entire term of our car subscription.
>> Let's assume there is a transfer fee of 600 € and you decide to lease for 6 months at 1000 € per month. In this case, the effective cost for you would be 1100 € (1000 € + 100 €). 

2 | The same applies to the transport fee from the dealer to your home. This usually applies to leasing, but not to your FINN Auto subscription.

3 | You should also note that vehicle insurance (unless specifically mentioned) is not included in the leasing rate. With your FINN Auto Abo, on the other hand, insurance is of course included. Therefore, we also look at comparable offers for liability insurance in Germany and include them in the direct cost comparison with the leasing offer.

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