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Can someone else return my car for me?

Return of your vehicle by a third person

If you are unable to return the vehicle yourself on the day of return, you are welcome to authorize a friend or family member to return the vehicle on your behalf. In this case, please enter the person as the return contact when you arrange the return in your account.

It is important that the person representing you has the following information and documents on the day of collection.


  • Driver's license and ID card of the person making the return
  • Copy of the subscriber's driving license and ID card. We need the copy in any case, even if the driver's license was already uploaded when you booked your subscription
  • Completed and signed Power of Attorney to return the vehicle

Link for verification

  • You will receive an e-mail from us a few days before the return and a text message on the day of return with a link for verification on the day of return. Please make sure that your authorized person has access to this link.

Where can I find the power of attorney?

You can download the power of attorney in your account under "My car". Scroll down to the return section and click on the "Are you unable to return?" button. A pop-up window will then appear containing the link to the power of attorney.

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