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What should I consider after delivery?

✅ Check the handover protocol

Complete handover documentation makes the subscription process easier for you and for us. Therefore, please check the following points during the handover of your vehicle:

  • Is all pre-existing damage documented?
  • Are all tires and fluids in proper condition?
  • Is the equipment complete? (First-aid kit, safety vest, tire kit, vehicle registration document & service booklet)

Protocol is not complete?
In this case, please inform us within 24 hours by e-mail to Please send all subsequent reports with your license plate number, the contract number and informative photos.


✅ Save FINN claims hotline | 📞 +49 89 143 770064

In the event of an accident or breakdown, please always contact us via our claims hotline to receive immediate support. We are available for you around the clock, 7 days a week. It's best to save the number directly!

Further information on FINN's services in the event of an accident or breakdown can be found in our GTC (point 10) and our FAQ under the category "Maintenance, insurance & claims".


✅ Make a note of service appointments

Each of our vehicles must be inspected and serviced at regular intervals to ensure proper operation and to maintain warranty claims. As a FINN customer, you are responsible for ensuring that services are carried out on time, which is why we urge you to keep an eye on your vehicle's service intervals. Of course, we will inform you of all further steps by e-mail in good time before they are due.

  • Inspection: Due at regular intervals, based on mileage, first registration or separate warning notices in the vehicle. You can find the dates for your vehicle in the email "The most important information to start your subscription 🚗".
  • General inspection: FINN vehicles are usually due after one year. The date of your next main inspection can be found in the vehicle registration document or on the rear license plate.
  • Seasonal tire change: Only necessary if your car is not equipped with all-season tires. You can view the tires of your FINN car in your account under "Show vehicle details".

✅ Correctly recognize warnings & report technical defects

❗️ Not ready to drive: Call the damage hotline 📞 +49 89 143 770064
If your vehicle is no longer roadworthy or you are unsure, please contact us immediately via our claims hotline. The following situations are considered unroadworthy: Red warning messages, engine error messages or smoke in the engine area, vehicle will not start, loss of pressure in the tires, loss of power, etc.

🟡 Limited roadworthiness: Online damage report in your account
Please report all defects that are still roadworthy in your account under "Services" > "Report technical defect" in order to receive a workshop order from us. Examples of this are Radio or sat nav failure, assistance system defect, etc.

We wish you a good and safe journey at all times!


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