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When is my FINN car considered ready to drive and when is it not?

❗️The following situations are not considered ready to drive:

  • Red warning messages
  • Error messages from the engine or smoke in the engine area
  • Flat tire such as a burst tire
  • Vehicle does not start, suddenly stalls or can no longer be moved
  • Transmission problems that affect gear shifting
  • Loss of pressure in the tire
  • Loss of power
  • Malfunctions in the electronics that affect essential vehicle systems
  • Defective battery, lack of fuel or error messages when charging (electric)
  • After accidents or major damage that affects safety or driving ability
  • etc.

📞If your vehicle is no longer roadworthy or you are unsure, please contact us immediately via our claims hotline +49 89 143 770064


⚠️ In the following situations, your vehicle is deemed to be in limited roadworthiness:

  • Failure of the radio or navigation system despite a reset (see operating instructions)
  • Assistance systems such as the lane departure warning system are defective
  • Error message when charging (hybrid)
  • Battery warning symbol: Not much range left
  • AD Blue empty (can be topped up yourself using the operating instructions or by FINN)
  • Noise development at higher speeds (door, tires, steering wheel)
  • Wear and tear (e.g. brakes, oil change)

Please report all defects that are still roadworthy in your account under "Services" > "Technischen Defekt melden" in order to receive a workshop order from us.


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