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How do I read the HU inspection sticker correctly?

­čŚô´ŞĆ Year: The year in which the main inspection is due can be seen from the two digits in the middle of the inspection sticker. A "25" in the inner circle means that the next date for the main inspection is due in 2025.

­čôů Month: The number in the outer circle at the top indicates the month of the inspection date. For example, if the number "3" is in the top center of the outer circle, the inspection is due in March. The black bar is always in the same position and does not indicate the month of the due date.

In the example, the next HU would be due in September 2024.

Die T├ťV-Plakette lesen: HU-Farbe f├╝r 2024

Source: ADAC, 2024


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