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How do I prepare my FINN car for return/swap?

To ensure that the return procedure is simple, fast and smooth, we have summarized the most important points for you. Please return the car in the condition in which you received it.

📋 Checklist

✓ Vehicle registration certificate
✓ 2 or 3 vehicle keys, if applicable
✓ Car is completely cleaned inside and outside
✓ Additional equipment (e.g. charging cable)
✓ High-visibility vest, first-aid kit and warning triangle
✓ Service booklet
✓ Fuel level/charge level correspond to the status at the time of handover
✓ All personal items, stickers or adhesive film have been removed
✓ All previous damage has been reported

🔋⛽️ You can find the fuel level or charging status in your handover report, which we sent to you by email when the vehicle was delivered.

📌 Please ensure that you hand over all items received with your FINN car on the day of return. We cannot take items returned too late into account and must invoice them accordingly.

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