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How do I behave in case of a damage?

Take a deep breath first and then follow the steps below:

1 | Secure the accident scene

Switch on the hazard warning lights and put on the high-visibility vest. Then secure the accident site using the warning triangle. 

2 | Inform the police

In any case, inform the police immediately by calling 110 and, after the accident has been recorded, ask to be given a copy of the police report including the name, address, mobile number and license plate number of the other party involved in the accident. 
Our insurance experts will analyze and assess the question of fault after all the data and facts are available. We would therefore ask you not to make any written or verbal admissions of guilt at the scene of the accident.

3 | Report the damage to FINN

After you have informed the police, please report the damage to us by telephone. Our claims management team can be reached around the clock at +49 89 143770064 and will coordinate all further steps for you. Please provide your colleagues with the following information: 

  • Provider: FINN GmbH
  • Your license plate number
  • Your mileage
  • First name, last name
  • Description of the damage
  • Day of the damage
  • File number of the police (if available)
  • License plate number of the other party involved in the accident (if available)
  • Further information for the colleagues in the claims department (replacement mobility)

Please note: The immediate reporting of any damage is considered a prerequisite, so that the invoice per damage can be reduced to the deductible.

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