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Am I allowed to make any modifications to my FINN car?

Our new and like-new vehicles will continue to be used for various versatile purposes after your subscription expires. Therefore, changes to the equipment of your FINN car are very limited.

As a basic rule:

  • Modifications that lead to permanent changes or are only possible by damaging the vehicle (e.g. carriers that require holes to be drilled into the vehicle) are not permitted and the customer* must pay for any associated repair costs. Here we are subject to the specifications of our cooperation manufacturers.
  • All equipment features that can be removed without leaving a trace before the vehicle is returned (e.g. certain foils, carriers with click systems, etc.) may be installed by you as the customer without hesitation. Please ensure that you completely remove all adjustments yourself before returning the vehicle.

If you are unsure about a modification to your FINN car, feel free to contact a workshop you trust or our customer support. Our experts will be happy to help you at any time.

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