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How can I charge my FINN e-car?

Simply connect your e-car to the charging station via a cable with a suitable plug and you're ready to go. The so-called "Mode 3 - Type 2" charging cable is used for charging at a suitable wallbox. To charge the electric vehicle at the socket at home, the matching "Mode 2" charging cable is required.

How long it takes to charge your e-car depends on several factors. These include the technical conditions of the car itself as well as the type of charging station - at the household socket at home, it may well take a night or longer until an empty battery is fully recharged. The process is quicker with wallboxes. These permanently installed charging stations have up to ten times the charging power and therefore only need a few hours. Public fast-charging stations are even faster. Here, half an hour is often enough to charge the battery for several hundred kilometers. The E.ON Drive app can be a very good aid in finding a suitable public charging station. More information on finding a charging station can be found here

According to the German Association of the Automotive Industry, the number of charging stations in Germany is currently around 49,000 publicly accessible charging points (as of October 2021). Of these, around 7,000 are fast charging points - particularly helpful for longer distances.

Information on the range of e-cars can be found here.


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