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How can I impact the range of my FINN e-car?

Worried about being stuck halfway with an empty battery? This anxiety is unfounded in the vast majority of cases. The battery capacity of today's electric cars varies depending on the model. Most e-cars can travel between 300 and 600 kilometers on a single charge. According to a study by Eurostat, drivers in Germany cover an average of 36.9 kilometers per day in their cars. The range of electric cars is therefore absolutely suitable for everyday use. 

You can extend the range of the e-car with these tips:

1. Preheat during charging

2. Use the braking energy (recuperation)

3. Adapt your driving style to the traffic situation 

4. Charge the e-car effectively

5. Avoid short trips

6. Do not forget Eco mode

7. Clean up the trunk

8. Check tire pressure regularly

9. Plan well for longer trips

10. Park the car in the garage

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