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How is FINN committed to sustainability?

👨🏽‍🤝‍👨🏼🌍🦓 Our goal is to enable smooth and carefree mobility for people and companies - but also for the planet.

What is FINN doing in terms of sustainability?

FINN promotes electric mobility to reduce emissions. With over 30% fully electric and over 50% partially electric fleet, we are aiming for 80% electrification by 2028 to become the market leader in electric mobility. Our subscription model facilitates the transition without any technology or residual value risk.

Together with South Pole FINN offsets the direct and indirect emissions from the vehicle use of every FINN subscription. The CO2 emissions of our fleet are calculated based on the average consumption of all active vehicles, differentiated by fuel type. Plug-in hybrids and fully electric vehicles are also taken into account. The consumption calculation also includes indirect emissions from the production, manufacture and distribution of fuels.


Who is South Pole?

South Pole is a leading global organization in the financing of environmental protection measures. Based in Switzerland, it has extensive experience trusted by the world's largest companies. Its mission is to help companies, investors and governments reduce their CO2 emissions and work towards a climate-friendly world.

The financing of climate protection projects worldwide is a central focus of South Pole. The projects they develop help to reduce CO2 emissions while supporting biodiversity and local communities.

By developing and managing carbon funds and endowments, South Pole ensures that financial resources are maximized to drive climate action and the transition to Net Zero.

You can find more information about South Pole here.



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