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How does the vehicle exchange work in case of a follow-up subscription with FINN?

1 | Booking your follow-up subscription

To ensure that the delivery of the new car and the return of the current car take place on the same day, please enter the last day of your current subscription as the delivery date of your new car in the booking process. If your contract ends on a weekend, please enter the following Monday or the next working day.

2 | Booking the return date

Before your current subscription expires, you will receive an e-mail from us in which you can select a return date. We recommend that you select the delivery date of your new vehicle as the return date for your previous car.

We will then try to schedule the pickup of the old vehicle and the delivery of the new vehicle for the same day. Please note that return and delivery days may differ in some cases due to the complexity of the supply chain.

If pick-up and delivery take place on the same day, please note that they will be done by two different drivers.

📌 Your advantage with the follow-up subscription: With a seamless follow-up subscription, the vehicle exchange at your desired address within Germany is included. Delivery and collection fees are refunded if there are no more than 7 days between the return date of the current vehicle and the delivery date of the subsequent vehicle.

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