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How do I pay my deposit?

­čĺ░ Approximately 10 days before delivery of your vehicle, you will receive an invoice from us with the description "Deposit". On this invoice you will also find the amount and payment date (e.g. "due on August 29, 2024").

At the bottom left you will find the bank details to be used and the intended purpose. If you click on "Pay online", you can fill in your payment details directly.

Please note that the payment option for the deposit may differ from your monthly direct debit and must always be paid by bank transfer.

­čôî Notes:

As a deposit is always vehicle-related, it cannot be offset against a possible subsequent subscription.
To ensure punctual delivery of your FINN car, please note that any deposit fees must be received by us before the end of the payment period. In the event of late payment, we will have to postpone the delivery date to a later date.



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