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What do I do if the expiration date of my vehicle's main inspection (HU) has passed?

👩🏼‍🔧 How long can I overdue the main inspection? The general inspection may not be overdue and should be carried out within the month specified on the TÜV sticker. You will find the next inspection due date in the registration certificate part I or on the license plate.

Note: In the event of delays due to inspection or repair work, we will be happy to send you an order for the HU at a DEKRA branch to avoid possible administrative offenses.

⏰ What happens if the HU has expired? It is already an administrative offense if the month indicated on the sticker has elapsed. If the overdue date is discovered during a traffic check, for example, a fine may be imposed if the deadline has been exceeded by more than two months.

💴 Costs and penalties for overdue MOTs: The following penalties apply to cars, motorcycles and light trailers:

  • More than two months overdue: 15 euros
  • Four to eight months overdue: 25 eurosMore than eight months overdue: 60 euros fine and 1 point in Flensburg

📌 We would like to point out that any costs incurred for traveling to and from the DEKRA branch will not be reimbursed.


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